Colourloving for August 2008

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Today I decided to showcase a monthly list of the patterns and palettes I created for the month.

Color therapy has been a great way to reduce stress and has been a great help for that.

Here are my August 2008 patterns:

glowing sunsethearts oh heartsdo you know me?bright ideacolorful life =)far beyondover the umbrellacolorful life =)lets give it a tryyummyold gift wrapperrecycled paper wrapflowers in linewarm feelinglight shadessurprisingly prettyjust like a ladyearrings and nutsgloomy summeroh glitteringdancing firein the dance ballsaw in betweenpeach lovetouch of lavanderthe royal princessmushy kisseslost in thereold gypsyanother challengeChoco coated Chipsroyaltysummer heatcomic lovewell definedjust brightjust brightjust so magicalhappy moments with ujust having funwavy illusioncool me downflowers and shapescoolness

August 2008 Palettes

random thoughtsbluish imaginationlet it beCoppers redblue and greenblue and greendust and staininnocent mindodds of colorspurity of blackgrass soil skysmooth and softhermes 1another oddred highlightundefined choicesad moodim a girl too


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