Month: September 2008

Manga: Desire Climax

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“Desire Climax” by “Ayane Ukyou”
Summary from OneManga

Omari Mio is a normal 17 year-old girl. She goes to school and works a part-time job to help support her family. Because her father is dead and her mother’s sick, she often finds it hard to make ends meet.
One night, as Mio is coming home from work, she meets a handsome stranger who suddenly steals a kiss from her, and then throws money at her offering to buy her. Who is this mysterious stranger that stole Mio’s first kiss?

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Manga: Bitter Virgin

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I’ll start posting here the cover page of the manga’s I’ve finished reading.

To start with, here is “Bitter Virgin” by “Kei Kusunoki”

Summary from OneManga

“Suwa Daisuke is the ladies man of his small town high school, and he has his eye on most every girl, except for one. Aikawa Hinako isn’t his type, but when he overhears a deep dark secret of hers, he finds himself thinking of her more and more.

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After a Decade

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It’s been a decade since i graduated elementary. I barely remember the names of my classmates then. Only those who have been my friends and close me are the ones i could remember.

Tomorrow, we would be having a reunion. Gosh! I am so excited and nervous. I am to meet again the people who have been a part of my childhood days. I have informed my gs98 friends in friendster about it but i haven’t received any messages or feedback from them so far.

I really missed my buddies and I am really looking forward to see them again. Oh wait! I am having a cold feet and I feel like backing out. Trapped in between coming or not. Sigh*. I have some unclosed business that’s helding me back. Oooohh scared

To those who are gs98 graduates and knows people who have graduated from our batch, here is the reunion info passed through SMS by Goodie:

what: SJC GS’98 reunion
when: sept27 7pm
where: along timog or t.morato exact location to be confirmed
confirm your attendance to goodie 09155537416

Airport Taxi, Not that Cheap

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Whenever we are getting late to work, we don’t hesitate to ride the taxi to the office. It’s seems to be a daily habit whenever we know we couldn’t make it on time to work.

Being a frequent taxi passenger, I already knew the range of the fare that we should pay the driver that is why i see to it that I have that extra money for the taxi in case that we would be late to the office. We pay 100 pesos at max from our house to the office.

This morning was not the same taxi ride I take everyday. We rode an airport taxi.

What makes it different? It’s expensive!

It was my first time to ride such PUV and I was surprised that the meter was already 70 bucks and it was barely 10 meters from our place. Thinking that the meter machine is tampered or something, I asked the driver, “Kuya, bakit 70 agad?” and he replied “Airport taxi po ito.” All I replied was “Ah..”.

I went curious on what makes this “special” as an “airport taxi”. A laminated document behind the driver’s seat caught my eyes. It was a “Passenger’s Right” document. I manage to get a pen and paper to read and copy its contents.

The first part that caught my interest is the bold and italized paragraph saying:

“Flag down rate of Php70.00 for the first 500 meters and Php4.00 for every succeeding 300 meters thereof”.

It answered and explained the question I asked the driver. He is not lying. It is really 70 pesos. Sigh*, too expensive. It is more than twice the regular rate I pay for a regular taxi.

But what can I do? I cannot tell the driver “Para na lang po sa tabi”. I wouldn’t waste my time waiting for another taxi especially during rush hour. And so I am left thinking to myself, “Next time, I would not take a ride with this taxi, as much as possible, again.”

To kill my disappointment I try to entertainment myself by observing the inside of the PUV and then I again, my eyes fell back to that laminated paper. It states the right of the passenger in details.

  1. Right to ride an air conditioned vehicle.
  2. Right to an adequate trunk space for belongings.
  3. Right to be conveyed via the most Convenient, Direct and “__” route.
  4. Right to a noise-free environment.
  5. Right to a smoke-free environment.
  6. Right to a clean and orderly vehicle.
  7. Right to be served by a Courteous, Neat and Uniformed Driver(dress code).
  8. Right to be informed of any Fare Adjustment.
  9. Right to be given upon demand an official receipt, bearing the following information.
    • a. Name of the Company/Operator
    • b. Phone number and/address of the Company/Operator
    • c. Name of the driver

I was amazed that there are such rights a taxi passenger has. As I’ve read about the official receipt, I checked out the fare meter and it is not same ordinary meter a regular taxi has. It has a receipt printer or generator or whatever you call it. I am looking forward to see what the receipt actually contains.

Meanwhile, I try to review the interior of the taxi. It is neat, orderly and comfortable. The ride is also fast and we didn’t experience that shaky motion that would make you feel dizzy. On the start of the journey, the driver contacted their operator to tell the pick-up point and destination. I was eavesdropping hehe. 🙂

And so we reach the office, our fare was 150 pesos. He took a log sheet and wrote something then pressed a button in the fare meter and a receipt was printed. It was a thermal printer. Sad to say, I didn’t get a hand of the ticket, sigh*.

We managed to have a quick ride of 15 minutes. Just an average ride time but I won’t forget this first airport taxi ride of mine. I learned a lot.

Bitoy as Reader’s Digest September 2008 Cover

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The cover of Reader’s Digest for their September issue is our very own Michael V a.k.a. “Bitoy” with a cover title of “Yari Ka!”.

“Yari ka” is a segment in “Bitoy’s Funniest Videos” which is a philippine comedy show aired every Saturday night in GMA 7 hosted by Bitoy himself. In this segment, he does various disguises to pull decent pranks to people where in the end he says the tagline “Yari Ka” just like in “You’ve been punked” in America’s “Punked”.

Reader’s Digest made an international recognition to our talented fella for being a great comedian especially his outstanding ability to impersonate popular icons. The magazine admired his talent as an artist and comedian.

He was very known for his role as “Etong, Betong and Bebang” in “Bitoy’s World” and lately as “Angelina’s Yaya” in Bubble Gang. When interviewed and asked which character he liked best portraying, it would be as “Junee Lee” saying that it is the real Michael V, a shytype person in real life.

He was very humble to say that he was flattered to be the mag’s cover for the month. He was the second Filipino to be in the cover after the former President Cory Aquino was featured for being the first lady president. Bitoy was also awarded 3 times in the Asian TV awards as comedy actor.

What a great comedian and person he is. I really admire him. I am planning to buy the RD’s September issue maybe at the end of the month.

Here is the list of the characters he impersonated and played according to wikipedia.


  • Lito (Dwarf Singer) – Lilo and Tito (identical twins of Lito)
  • Junee Lee – He was also a co-host with Lani Misalucha in a GMA talk show Celebrity Turns with Junee and Lani and made appearance in Vic Sotto’s
  • Lastikman
  • Evilyn Magpayo a.k.a. Ate Ebs
  • idjay Vidjay
  • David Criss – a “street magician” character from Bitoy’s Funniest Videos
  • Junior – a happy-go-lucky child
  • Jacob, Johnny and Julie (parody of Koreanovela characters) – This was also a commercial music video (Joy In My Heart) promo for Joy Ultra.
  • Don Miguel of Muchas Grasas
  • Etong, Betong and Bebang
  • Fredda Torra (in BEBOT or “Binibini ng Eat Bulaga on TV” segment of Eat Bulaga and parody of alien Predator in its series)
  • Angelina’s Yaya (known for being a “such-a-loser” maid)
  • Gagambala (parody of the upcoming GMA show Gagambino)
  • Chika-Dora (parody of Dora the Explorer)

Impersonations (real life people and fictional characters)

  • Michael Ricketts (Mike Enriquez) – (coughing, sometimes louder), Excuse me po…& Ronnie Ricketts for the long-back hair
  • Bonggang Bongbong (Ben Tulfo)
  • Krissy (Kris Aquino)
  • Jajajajamby Magdangal (Jamby Madrigal)
  • Jun Loyspada (Jun Lozada)
  • Kamandog (Kamandag)
  • Mary Ann Riviera (Marian Rivera)
  • Tom Yam (Tim Yap)
  • Madame Rocha (Madame Auring)
  • Kitchie Na Day (Kitchie Nadal)
  • Marilawin (mixture of Mulawin and Marinara)
  • Captain Gargle (Captain Barbell) – He was also an alter-ego of Michael Ricketts.
  • Amoyhan of Pinkantadia (Amihan of Encantadia)
  • Ate B (Vilma Santos)
  • Churang Cuneta (Sharon Cuneta)
  • G.M. Hey (President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo)
  • Regine “Ang Bilas Ko” (Regine Velasquez)
  • Mahalai (Mahal)
  • Edi Pil (Eddie Gil)
  • Celine Din ‘Yon (Celine Dion)
  • Sindi Lupa (Cyndi Lauper)
  • Ivan Submarina (Ivan Mayrina, GMA reporter)
  • Betty La Kea (Betty La Fea)
  • Bakokang (Bakekang)
  • Von Jon Bodgie (Jon Bon Jovi)
  • Prinsipe (Prince)
  • Fake Cuneta (Faith Cuneta)
  • Kapatid na Auring
  • Pie Palayan (Pie Calayan)
  • Get Li (Jet Li)
  • Rey Bolero (Rey Valera)

More power to Bitoy =)

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In the Cliff’s Edge

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Yesterday, I was not able to come to work. I had to pick up the baranggay clearance I applied for last week.

I should be able to go to the office even if I am already late but due to some circumstances, I did not made it to work.

And today, I was informed by our CSR that my client had gone mad because of my frequent absences lately. My emotion was all mixed up but I am not surprised. Deep inside me, I was expecting for this kind of news to welcome me in morning.

I am in the verge of quitting not because I don’t want my job. For the record, I love my current job very much that if I were asked to come on Saturdays, I never say no. I like to give up instead of losing it.

I am not a quitter. It’s the action that I hate the most. Even if I know I only have a small chance of winning, I always take the risk.

And today, I am given another opportunity. I am going to push myself to the edge to embrace a new challenge. I need to do to give a little spark in this gloomy path that I am currently heading. There is nobody else who could push me forward but me.

I am not a quitter and I’ll never be.

Kubuntu Free CD Arrived

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Last wee, my free Ubuntu and Kubuntu CD’s arrived early in the evening last week fresh from UK :).

I just grabbed a pic of the CD’s from google because my digicam is broken.

It arrived in Manila during the last week of August but I just received it last week.

Kudos to opensource! =)