Holiday Spirit

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Ber months are coming and the spirit of Christmas will be felt worldwide. Local news says that Filipinos will have a sad Christmas but will that be true?

One sad reality nowadays is the high cost of living and the low income of employees. You work more than what is required and most of the time, more than your body could do and still the paycheck is not enough to feed you and your family. Rate of overqualified employees are found in low-salary jobs and still they are lucky enough to have a job while most are unemployed. Thus, the rate of poor and broke are getting higher in every minute now.

For me, money runs your life. You must earn something for a living. You need money to buy food, pay the rent and bills, and other stuffs. But still, having less shouldn’t mean that we should have a sad Christmas.

In today’s society, we already forgot the true meaning of it, Love, family and togetherness. It’s about giving and sharing your blessings to others. It’s having quality time with your loved ones.

Nowadays, you’re Christmas will only be Christmas when you have a lot of gifts and a lot of food for noche buenas. Many pity theirselves because they can’t have that glamorous Christmas that they dream of. And I feel sad for them. They have been blinded by the materialistic way of celebrating the holiday. GIfts and Noche Buenas are just a ‘part’ of the tradition. Thus, not having them doesn’t mean you’ll have a sad Christmas.


All i want to say is that, let us not forget the true spirit of it. To all, let us not teach our children that having a lots of gifts and pamasko is what Christmas is. Godparents should be the second parents who share proper values and guidance not the second financial source of children’s baon. Do not patch up the shortcomings with material goods. Being together should be the foundation of happiness for the season and not the things that will get out of it.

Christmas is sharing, giving and giving importance to blessings that we had in our lives. Happy Holidays. 🙂


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