The First Attempt

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It is only 2 days away until my special day.

As of now, I don’t have any clear plan on how i would i celebrate it. Lots of ideas are popping out in my head but i am still undecided.

Although it is on the top of my list, i still don’t want to end up sleeping all day doing nothing.

I was listening to morning rush in rx and they were giving away tickets to Lifehouse concerts for FREE. You just have to give 3 songs from their latest albums. I am a great fanatic of Lifehouse and it would be a great birthday treat for me. I do not have their phone number. I only have a very short moment to look for it.

First caller don’t know any song from the latest album. It was my first chance. I am already googling the answer to my query.

Second caller hang up. Another chance. Still Googling.

My heart beats so fast as the third caller gave her answer. She was only able to give 2 correct song titles. Third chance and I was cramming through the net.

I was looking for their number in the net and in the ironic misfortune of finding it makes me nervous and irritated. I can’t find their number!!!


And then the fourth caller called. My fingers were crossed and my mind was wishing she would be wrong and that she would give the wrong titles. In my disappointment, she got it all correct. Congratulations to her.

I almost cried when she already won the ticket. *sniff….

Oh, well. I’ll try again tomorrow. Hopefully, they would still give away some tickets in the Morning Rush show. It would be a great birthday treat. First, it’s Lifehouse’s concert and last, it’s Chico and Delle!!!

Oh my!


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