Neverending Questions, would you dare to answer?

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what do feel when you are getting nearer and nearer to your dreams? what do feel after the you have surpassed the storms that had left you helpless and with nothing? what do you feel after you dumped someone who had adored you so much? what do feel after you had triumphed over the challenges that almost made you gave up?

what do you care about the people you had stepped on or left out? what do you care about your neighbors who had gave you headaches day and night with their loud fights and gossip moments? what do you care about your friends who have always been there for you but you have forgotten about them? what do you care about your family that you have set aside just for your dream?

do you take people for granted? are you ungrateful? are you inconsiderate? do you even care even a little? do give a damn to what people say about you? are you affected?

how do you feel?

what if your the exact opposite of what people say? would you dare to explain? what if those people are those close to you like your family and friends? would you even try?

what if you are a long-term planner and only think of your future and along the you are setting those close to you aside, would you change your plan? If you are a wanderer and happy-go-lucky type, would you even start to plan?

what do you want in life? where will it take you? would you follow the flow or keep out of the track? what would be your side? what would be your thought?

there are still numerous life questions, would you dare to answer?


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