Noisy Neighbors by Chico

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i have been a Strange Fruit reader since the day i heard chico announced it in rx almost daily. 🙂

I could say he is smart and a good writer slash photographer slash DJ slash who knows what more.

Anyways, there is this hot post in his blog entitled ‘Noisy Neighbors‘ wherein he imparts his rant about loud neighbors. It had caught the interest of many especially when a reader named Marcus commented on it. You could see how many fans and friends and readers supported chico and empathizes him with his noisy-neighbor-dilemma.

As what i could understand from the discussion(er debate?), chico was comparing their previous neighbor with the current ones. Both are loud people but the latter happened to noisier and louder.

I empathize with chico. For more than two decades on earth, I have been living in a noisy neighborhood where people sing there esophagus out during their late night inuman and videoke sessions. Children plays in front of your house in the highest volume capacity of their throat speaking words of curses and PI’s all the time. There are these bingo games and chismisan moments during afternoons where you usually take a nap. Grr..

Anyways, back to chico’s blog. The subject that made his blog ‘controversial’ was when he mentioned a nationality in his post where Marcus reacted. For what i could understand, it was a ‘racial discrimination’ issue for one side and on the other side  it is a ‘just so happen to be a’ situation.

In a new post entitled ‘Noisy Neighbors 2‘, Chico answered openly the comment of Marcus defending his side that there is no discrimination happening. It just so happened that people next door are not Filipinos and the behavior are worse than the previous one.

On the other side, Marcus is just saying that it is better not to attributes nationality to situations like this. He is not against the emotional outburst of chico, only to the mentioning of nationality.

As for me and what i have read, both sides have their proper reasoning and defense for the debate.

The post was entertaining and educational as well. I admire the two debaters who just shared a healthy discussion. kudos bro! 😀


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