Day: June 14, 2008

Still Stuck in the Office

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kinda tired now and i am still waiting.

i got here at seven in the morning ang it is already almost six i am still here. 50% of my precious saturday spent was spent working.

if only people could survive by just staring blankly at the ceiling, i would gladly voluteer and keep that career for the rest of my life. i may have the title for “Most Number of Hours Staring Blankly on Nothing Award” or the “Best Couch Potato of the Century” award.

My supervisor already approached and asked me why i am still here and i said ‘I am waiting for a reply’ and told me to just leave my client a message.

And that’s what I did. I’ll just continue this at home later. I still don’t want to miss my saturday.

i am starving already. 😦