Month: June 2008

Yet Another Quote 7

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Everyone has his own dreams but not everyone has a good plan.

No matter how big you dream, you’ll never get it if you don’t try.

If you only experience happy moments in your life, be prepared for the big test to come.

Life is always in the Yin-Ying Mode

Yin Yang


Clutter Control

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Last summer, i have been reading old magazines and have learned many things about self-improvement. For me, self-improvement is a continuous task that a person should always pay attention.

One article that took my interest is about clutter control. I find it very helpful for me because i could describe my room as the ‘chaotic mass of things’.

Clutter is a confused or disordered state or collection; a jumble

Based on my experience, being trapped in a messy room full of unwanted junks causes my mind troubles. You can’t think straight, oftentimes confused and always feel lazy and sleepy. I have this habit of cleaning my room once then messing it up all the time. It makes me feel down and gives negative energy to me.

Cluttered Mind

Until I read an article in the magazine that pertains to this kind of problem. I have learned that this is a problem in clutter control. From the article, i have learned 3 simple tips on how to keep things under control.

Clutter Control
by Barbara Hemphil

  1. Give every container a purpose. Designate each basket, bowl, drawer, and shelf as the home for a specific item. To get family members into the habit of putting everything in its place, use sticky notes as initial temporary reminders.
  2. Create a “de-clutter” jar. Break down massive tasks into jobs that can be finished in 30 minutes or less, write them on slips of paper, and toss them in a jar. Then pick out a few chores to do on the weekends or rainy days.
  3. Donate, donate, donate. Keep large bins in each closet to make donating unwanted items second nature. Instead of holding onto out-of-date or ill-fitting clothes, you can easily toss them into the bin and out of your life.

I have been doing #1 ever since i had the knowledge of things. I love grouping stuffs, organizing and labeling them up. I can be the most organized person out of me yet i can also be the worst when it comes to being unorganized. Conflicting, huh? Me too, I fascinate myself.

The second one got me interested to try it out but in different way. I jot down small tasks into a checklist and whenever I feel bored with my work(home and office), I look at my list and do at least one. And it works. It is like breaking the ice in a lifeless, gloomy Sunday afternoon where you feel so tired and sleepy without doing anything. Here, I could finish series of small task and feel very proud that I have accomplished something.

On the third one, I couldn’t donate things because I don’t have time to go to charity offices and there is no visible donation box around. What I do and have also taught to my brother is that, whenever there is a free time, we segregate our belongings into groups: Old stuffs Working/still useful that can be given away, can be sold to the junk shop, those that have no use anymore and uncategorized.

My mom hates it when I fix my things and give away to the neighbors or others things that are still functional. My reason:”I don’t need them anymore”. It is really hard to let go of the things that had been so close to you. This is what I tell myself, “We had shared our time together. It may be good or bad but I know for sure that they are quality moment. We have reach the point of moving on. I must let you go.” Instead of just being stuck in a spot in the house where nobody is using it, there are those who badly needs them that is why I give them away.

Right now, I try to organize things up. Slowly in small steps. I know I can do this. I can improve myself.

Quote for the day:

Clean surrounding frees your mind and help you think clearly and decide rightfully.

Free Mind

Typhoon Frank Hits Manila

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Just yesterday, we experienced harsh rains and deep floods brought by Typhoon Frank.

At around 8:30 in the morning, I was awaken by our neighbors rushing outside and sort of panicking. The lights were out. When I checked it out, the flood is already above our path walk gutter and any moment it would enter our houses. Typhoon Frank has hit Manila. Without even washing my face, I hurried up and started to transfer our things upstairs. Within couple of minutes, me and my brother was able to empty the lower room. A few more minutes and the water rushed into our houses. Lights went back an hour later.

Due to a higher elevation, the water in our path walk is only hip-high. In the main road outside, it the flood is almost the height of an average person.

Many people and vehicles were stranded. Even dump trucks and gasoline trucks can’t pass through the main road. We are located at the corner of G. Araneta Avenue and E. Rodriguez Sr. which well-known to transform into a ‘sea’ every hard rain and floods occur.

As a business opportunity, some ‘tambays’ in our place started a ‘bangka transport business’. They charge willing commuters a minimum of P5.00 just to be able to cross the road.

The flood subsided late in the afternoon. It was a tiring and dirty job to clean the house after such calamity. Despite the deep flood that almost altered our place in the map as a small lake, I am still thankful that noone was hurt in our place. It is just sad that there are still houses which haven’t recovered yet from the fire last October, soaked wet during the typhoon.

While eating dinner, we were able to watch the news. As expected, sad news always accompanies this time of calamity. Many people were dead and missing, numerous families went homeless and a commercial ship capsized amidst the ‘humongous’ waves. *sigh.

Here are some photos of the flood in Araneta Avenue corner E. Rodriguez:

Typhoon Frank

Local Teens transporting commuters using a small boat

Typhoon Frank

Public Jeepney still commuting despite the heavy floods in the road

Typhoon Frank

Armored tanks almost covered with flood

View the rest of the pictures here : Typhoon Frank Hits Manila

Firefox 3 Download Day Certificate

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Last June 17 of this year,  Firefox attempted to get into Guiness Book of Records by being the “Most Downloaded Software in 24 hours”. The event gathered more than 9 million download count. That was a huge number.

Firefox Download Day Certificate

Participated in the event? Grab your certificate here: Flaunt it

The Jury has Decided

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I have received the result of my work evaluation today. I can’t help to not get emotional about it. But i didn’t cry, don’t worry.

To live and survive these days is the toughest struggle for me. The daily needs has been getting more and more expensive as each day passes by. It is getting harder to survive.

I admit, i am afraid to lose my job. Beside for the facts that I love it and I am enjoying every tasks given to me, it is already my life. It has been the air that I am breathing and the one that provides food in our table and fills up our stomach. I am the breadwinner of the family and losing a job is least thing I would want to happen to me.

And now the result is out. The nervousness is killing me and I hate it when my patience is being test this way.

“This is the moment you have been waiting for”, the HR told me.

For a moment, my world stopped spinning as I wait for the next set of words that she would be telling me.

“You have passed,” and the thorn that was stuck in my throat was removed.

“Hooray!”, my heart jumped in joy but my face showed no emotion. It is a talent that was given to me. To hide my true feelings.

Thanks God.

Everyday I was waiting until I have forgotten about it and it has been more than a month before the result was revealed. I have been traveling through a rough road lately. And in the day you least expect things like this, is the day they would always come. It just come on the moments that you have nowhere else to turn to.

I am just happy right now. Just now. I don’t want to get overexcited about it. I just want to savor this moment silently with a smile.

In every rough road, there is a lesson to learn. In every good things that come is a chance to be happy and prepare yourself for a bigger battle ahead.


Noisy Neighbors by Chico

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i have been a Strange Fruit reader since the day i heard chico announced it in rx almost daily. 🙂

I could say he is smart and a good writer slash photographer slash DJ slash who knows what more.

Anyways, there is this hot post in his blog entitled ‘Noisy Neighbors‘ wherein he imparts his rant about loud neighbors. It had caught the interest of many especially when a reader named Marcus commented on it. You could see how many fans and friends and readers supported chico and empathizes him with his noisy-neighbor-dilemma.

As what i could understand from the discussion(er debate?), chico was comparing their previous neighbor with the current ones. Both are loud people but the latter happened to noisier and louder.

I empathize with chico. For more than two decades on earth, I have been living in a noisy neighborhood where people sing there esophagus out during their late night inuman and videoke sessions. Children plays in front of your house in the highest volume capacity of their throat speaking words of curses and PI’s all the time. There are these bingo games and chismisan moments during afternoons where you usually take a nap. Grr..

Anyways, back to chico’s blog. The subject that made his blog ‘controversial’ was when he mentioned a nationality in his post where Marcus reacted. For what i could understand, it was a ‘racial discrimination’ issue for one side and on the other side  it is a ‘just so happen to be a’ situation.

In a new post entitled ‘Noisy Neighbors 2‘, Chico answered openly the comment of Marcus defending his side that there is no discrimination happening. It just so happened that people next door are not Filipinos and the behavior are worse than the previous one.

On the other side, Marcus is just saying that it is better not to attributes nationality to situations like this. He is not against the emotional outburst of chico, only to the mentioning of nationality.

As for me and what i have read, both sides have their proper reasoning and defense for the debate.

The post was entertaining and educational as well. I admire the two debaters who just shared a healthy discussion. kudos bro! 😀

2008 Wishlist

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Next month, I’ll be adding another count to my age. Sadly, I am starting to feel that I am old and that I am missing a lot. On the other hand, I am very happy in how my life turned out and what it would be in the future.

As I was taking a break, I decided to write a birthday wishlist(as inspired by ate marian). And as I am jotting them down, the list is getting longer and longer. For now, here are the things I want in my birthday.

Book – I love reading books and I feel i missed a lot of the bestselling books in the market.

  • Eleven Minutes – Paulo Coelho
  • Anne of Green Gables – Lucy Maud Montgomery
  • A Message to Garcia – Elbert Hubbard
  • Valley of the Dolls – Jacqueline Susann
  • To Kill a Mockingbird – Harper Lee
  • Fear of Flying – Erica Jong
  • Goodnight Moon – Margaret Wise Brown
  • The Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett
  • The Shack – William P Young
  • As I Lay Dying – William Faulkner


  • Boyz II Men – I just love them so much


  • Naruto – what can I say, I am a naruto fanatic from the very beginning

Gadget – just a wish hehe

  • White Apple MacBook
  • Canon Digital Rebel XTi / XSi

If it is christmas and santa is real, i’ll hang up a very big sock(maybe a sack with be better :D) in the window.

There is nothing wrong with dreaming and wishing y’all heheh 🙂

Still Stuck in the Office

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kinda tired now and i am still waiting.

i got here at seven in the morning ang it is already almost six i am still here. 50% of my precious saturday spent was spent working.

if only people could survive by just staring blankly at the ceiling, i would gladly voluteer and keep that career for the rest of my life. i may have the title for “Most Number of Hours Staring Blankly on Nothing Award” or the “Best Couch Potato of the Century” award.

My supervisor already approached and asked me why i am still here and i said ‘I am waiting for a reply’ and told me to just leave my client a message.

And that’s what I did. I’ll just continue this at home later. I still don’t want to miss my saturday.

i am starving already. 😦