Cooking Time

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I am a person who has a big fascination and admiration to food. I adore them. And because of this, cooking has been a hobby for me.

I am not as good as a chef. I am not that good at it. I am just a mediocre office worker who eat whenever she like.

Food that I like are what i usually cook. Sometimes, I try to imitate what I saw or ate in food houses.
And as a good “kitchen person” (in tagalog, taong kusina! hehehehe), you should have recipes in hand. Most of dishes nowadays can be googled down in the internet. Some are common and some are personal recipes. Most of the recipes that I look for besides the main dishes are desserts like salad or snacks like sandwiches and pizzas.

And whenever i have time, i cook. It is an exciting and fun hobby. I cook something different whenever I am free. But for daily routine, just those easy to cook recipes. 😀

And because of this post, my stomach is grumbling. hehe I feel hungry.


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