When You Had the Chance to Say It

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Broken Heart

When you have told someone about anything, there is no turning back. All the words were already spoken and you can’t take it back.

What if those words have already resided in you for a very long. Those thoughts that have been lurkering in your head.

What if you know that they are hurtful, would you still pursue? Even if you know that it would hurt that someone, would you do it?

But what if it’s the only thing that has been holding you back from being you in front of him, would rather wear the mask? Isn’t it right to tell the truth and that honesty is the key to every relationship that you had and will had. May it be to your family, friend or partner.

Honesty is the key factor to solidify a relationship. But what if too much honesty could cause that solid foundation that you have protected for so long to stumble. Would you risk breaking it apart? And even if doesn’t break, doesn’t having a crack the same thing?

What would you do?

Tell him the truth and let your relationship fall or keep it inside you and be hurt forever?

Which would you choose?


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