Things I Missed About Me

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I have been a living being for more than 2 decades now and I could say, lots of things have changed. Sometimes, reality check is a very helpful action to evaluate how your life have been. I took some time to see how my life is going.

I am happy with my life right now but ironically, i misses a bunch.

Here are the things i missed in myself.

  1. Being alone. I grew up in different places with different persons. During those times, I was often left alone doing stuffs all by myself. Eating, playing, doing chores and other things are included in the list. Some of the times, i just hang out in my room reading books, creating scrap books or simply staring at the ceiling. This is also the time  wherein i could talk to myself and reflect.
  2. Being spontaneous. I go to anywhere the wind carries me. I change my mind in a snap and do anything i like. But now, i have to re-think things first before deciding. I have to plan how my day 2 days before.
  3. Book reading. I LOOVVVEEEE reading and i hate it that i can’t finish a single book these days.
  4. Playing games. Besides computer games, I love playing board games and other indoor games. Chess, games of the generals, badminton and volleyball are in my list. I am not athletic anymore and i feel physically unhealthy.
  5. Gimiks. I miss going to bars, restaurants, houses and anywhere.
  6. Drinking sessions. We surely drink a lot. I remembered this one time when me and my friends hang out in our place and drunk 4 long neck bottles of emperador and a few bottles of red horse. I was knocked out. 😛
  7. Friends. We now have different lives and our schedules doesn’t fit. And mostly seldom keep in touch. I feel sad because it seems like they have forgotten about me. I feel happy because they are all doing great with their lives. I understand that we are all busy. Just a small hope is kept in my heart.

I am a more mature person right now and i guess i have planned how my life should turned out so much.

My world is so crowded right now that i needed some space. Time to think and re-order my plans. I am in a mess and i have to fix things up.


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