A Peculiar Weekend Escapade

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It was such an odd weekends. So different from my regular Saturday and Sunday routine.

I ended up my TGIF night at 3:30 in the morning after reading a lots from old magazines. Haven’t got the time to pay attention to reading materials lately. There are many interesting tips and topics that i have read and i learned much. I’ll post some of the useful tips from the mags to share with you.

My Saturday begun early at 8 o’clock in the morning. The usual wake up time for this day is around pass 2 o’clock in the afternoon. To start the day, we ate pandesal and pancit canton(Lucky Me!) just like the typical days when you don’t have work or school. Usually, I don’t eat breakfast because I am always in the rush every morning.

After a quick breakfast, we went downstairs to the mini-park aka garden of the condo area to jog. We jogged back and forth for some time. I only lasted for 5 rounds of a 25-meter long walking area. It was tiring but felt great. I haven’t jogged for a long time and doing it again was so amazing. Every sweat is worth. We bought buko juice from a cart vendor passing by. So refreshing.

It was brunch time when we got back to the house. We ate the pancit canton while watching “Step Up” which we had left after breakfast. The movie was great but unfortunately, the movie copy is not good and just went on hanging over and over. We ended up watching “Game KNB?” but it’s okay. I missed watching TV a LOT! I haven’t got the time to watch because I leave the house early and came back late. *sigh. Anyways, the game was fun and i liked it when we are tried to answer the questions. It was fun!

Lunch time came and we are still in front of the TV. This time it was Willie Revillame’s show “Wowowee”. I don’t like that noon time show. I kinda felt it boring and most of the time corny. But that Saturday, i tried to keep an opened mind. Thankfully, It was an entertaining episode. I was amazed with the senior citizens who were part of their segment “Bigatin”. One lolo sang a kundiman song whole-heartedly that he even cried while singing. It was a touching and pitiful moment. Touching because he sang from the heart. Pitiful because people laughed at him as he cry while singing. I can’t blame them. The show was meant to make people happy. The sad part is, they are laughing on someone else’s wistful moment. Oh well. While we are enjoying the show, we are eating lunch. we had corned beef and dinengdeng.

Over the meal we decided to watch movie. We have long awaited for the “Forbidden Kingdom” since the first time we heard of it. This movie would be the first time that Jackie Chan and Jet Li will be appearing on the big screen together. I am so excited about it and was really anxious to watch. We have agreed to watch the 3:15PM show time at the Trinoma cinema. After eating, we took a rest and started preparing for our day out.

To be continued…


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    bigatin said:
    May 20, 2008 at 2:18 PM

    […] lots from old magazines. Haven??t got the time to pay attention to reading materials lately. There ahttps://jhoyimperial.wordpress.com/2008/04/21/a-peculiar-weekend-escapade/ […]

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