In the Morning Rush Top Ten, at Last!

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The topic for the daily Morning Rush Top Ten today was “Top Ten Tagalog Translation for English Song Title”.

As what i always do when i have sms load, i texted in my entry to 2299.

It was the time to read the top five of the entries. There goes the 5th… the 4th… the 3rd… the 2nd… then the 1st…

I heard my name… “jhoy”probably it’s not me, maybe another person, i said to myself.

Then chico announced the title “Hanging by a Moment”…. that’s me, that’s me, that’s mine, that’s mine, i shouted to myself.

My entry got in the top ten at last. after all these textings. hehehe and it is the top entry, omg, i’m so happy!

Here is my entry: “Hanging by a Moment” – translation: “Ay, Ba’t Lumambot?”

hahahahaha 🙂

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