Once Again

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All the laughter
That we had
All the sad moments
That we shared
Are all engraved in my mind
I don’t know why
You’re still in my thoughts
I’m just being honest
With myself and with you
That I can’t forget
All the times we’re together
Sharing smiles and tears
To one another
I know it’s my fault
That’s why you go away
And now you’re gone
Gone out of my sight
Gone out of my side
Gone without words of goodbye
I can’t help
Not to blame myself
Because of me, you left
And now I am alone
Sitting by the window
Waiting for your call
I gaze at the sky
Watched the twinkling of stars
And wished by the moon
That someday, somehow
I’ll learn to forget
Your voice, your face
Your sweetness and kindness
And as the day passes by
I wished that time
Would heal the wounds in my heart
Once again.

Here is the link in ilovepoetry.com : Once Again


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