Vexing Night

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It was indeed a very tiring night for me. We did a lots of walking around that it seems like we have went around Luzon. Romeo, his sister and I went to look for a computer table. From the office we went to Trinoma. The first plan last night was to check out clothes to buy for office attire. But because I am already tired, I just passed this chance to get new outfits for myself. And so, we went to The Block and check out the Hypermarket for tables.

I’ll just cut it short. From Trinoma to The Block. Then around Hypermarket. Then went up to eat at KFC. Then went to the main building to check the department store. Then back to Hypermarket.

After all the marathon walks, we ended up buying nothing. The one the we have chosen was already out of stock and the one displayed is already ruined and damaged. And so, we went home with no new thing bought from our walkathon.

I supposed to like the window shopping but I got stressed out from the long day of work. But I must admit, I did enjoyed our mall adventure. It was what i needed right now, a new place and event.

sadly, my body was already tired. I have reached the ultimate limit of my shakra that I don’t have anything left.

I am still looking forward to another window shopping. Hopefully, next time, I have a lot of reserved energy. 🙂

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