Little Birdie was Baptized

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My younger brother was circumcized today and i was so anxious to go home.

I am so excited to see his face as I bully. An incredible plan, isn’t it?

Sadly, i was able to come home late at night and everyone is already asleep. I went to my mom and brother’s room. Opened the lights and poof! There is my brother sleeping half-naked. hahahhaha 🙂 i can’t help myself laughing at him and they were awakemed. His face was so angry that he had teary eyes because of shame and fury. He was so lucky that my cam’s battery were empty and that i forgot to recharge them. I have this evil plan that whenever he will be bringing a girl, may it be a girl friend or girlfriend, i’ll show them his newly circumcized birdie. hahahhahahahh 🙂 so evil.

As a gift to him being a ‘new man’ today, i bought him a chocolate cake from Starbucks.

Honestly, it was a mixed emotion of excitement and fright.

Sigh! My little brother is now growing up. 🙂


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