American Idol: The Final 9

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Tonight, I was able to watch the current season of American Idol for the first time. Due to the mere fact that i don’t have time to watch the television, i am unaware of what is happening in the world of the idiot’s box. Luckily, when went to Romeo’s place tonight and we had the time to watch.

I only got the chance to see the first seven that performed which included our very own Ramiel Malubay.

I could say that Ramiel lost it tonight. I was able to watch her final screening and it was a lot different. she was better that day than tonight. i wished she has chosen another song.

After watching those contestant, I really admired Kristy Lee Cook, David Archuleta and Carly Smithson. They have natural talent in singing and quality voice. Hopefully, they wouldn’t end up losing because they had the wrong choice of song.

To them and to our fellow filipino Ramiel. I wish you all the best. Good luck and god bless! 🙂

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