Cruizin 101: Test Driven Development (TDD) for the Masses

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The PHP User Group of the Philippines (PHPUGPH) held a seminar about Test-Driven Development last March 15, 2008 at dotPH Domains Inc in Jollibee Plaza, Ortigas.

Here is an excerpt from our forum about the speaker.

Andre John Cruz aka cruizer is a Microsoft MVP for Visual C# and an Administrator for His day job is an Application Developer for Barclays Capital Singapore. He is an avid FOSS enthusiast, and also an active participant in various user communities in the Philippines, both Microsoft and non-Microsoft oriented. He is known as a proponent of the test-driven development (TDD) practice in the .NET world and has spoken a few times about the topic in recent Philippine MSDN events.

He was very humble and very open. He answers every questions laid in front of him. If there are things that he doesn’t know or has a doubt, he will tell you about it and try to suggest related sites or ideas about them.

For any inquiries, there is a free CD for the who asked the question. I am sad that I did not have the guts to asked. 😦 *sigh

It was the first seminar that I have attended after student days. Most of the attendees are IT Professionals like me. The officers are friendly and fun to be with. And they value time much. The event started exactly at 2:30 PM and the break time was followed accordingly.

The venue is great. It has a very workable and comfortable atmosphere suitable for the event. And even if you don’t have a microphone, your voice can be heard all over the room.

The discussion included:

  • What is TDD and the pros / cons of using it
  • How to use SimpleTest in TDD
  • Examples of basic and intermediate TDD coding
  • Practical Way of Writing your OOP
  • Unit testing

The seminar was a success for me. I believe that Sir Andre has imparted a very important coding technique which is very practical and manageable, TDD that is. Despite his hectic schedule while in the Philippines, he manages to speak for this remarkable event.

At the end of the discussion, prizes were given to the attendees. The most adorable one is the T-shirt from sir AJ. I love that shirt. 😦

Congratulations to all who have made the event happened. To the officers of PHPUGPH, dotPH Domains where the event was held, to the people who has lended their hands and to the participants of the events.



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    Amazing! Thanks for the quality information.

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