All New Chikka 2.0 Beta

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Chikka 2.0 is now a web-based sms system where you could send Text messages to any mobile phones via web browser.

Inside Chikka 2.0
Inside Chikka 2.0

The new system is now enabling you to send message to your IM buddies in Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail and ICQ.

The functionality of the desktop version is the same as the web-based. I tried sending an SMS to my mobile and it works properly. As of the now, IM messaging is the new feature of the beta version.

The desktop version of chikka is still available for download. Here is the link for the Classic Chikka Messenger.

There are still lots of exciting features to wait for. Can’t wait to see more.


2 thoughts on “All New Chikka 2.0 Beta

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