Maundy Thursday 2008

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I woke up early today around 6:30 AM. It is the first day of my summer vacation and I am so anxious to spend my relaxation period.

First,I checked my computer which I left open all night for full computer scan. Luckily, it only found 1 Trojan virus for the 5 partitions in my 2 hard drives. Then, I continued with my daily routines: checked email, blog stats and my latest addictive phpugph forum.

Second thing in my list was a new breakfast routine. I have been eating breakfast at the office everyday for half a year now. It helped me avoid getting late to work and energized as well. Breakfast outside is quite new to me. I ate an egg sandwich in my aunt’s small eatery. It was the first time I bought something from there after she had started the business a month ago. Then, a hot coffee complimented my morning.

One Moment, One Nescafe
Hot 3-in-1 Coffee

Next, I took my coffee outside to watch our community’s pabasa. It has been a yearly tradition to have a pabasa in our place. And after 2 decades of liveing here, this was the first time i actually listened to it. I sat back on a wooden stool across where the pabasa was held. This was a good photo.

Pabasa on Maundy Thursday 2008
Kitanlad-Araneta, Tatalon Pabasa 2008

Nothing beats a hot coffee in the warm sunshine during a religious moment. 🙂

Later, we will be going to Holy Trinity Parish Church in Sampaloc, Manila for a healing mass at 10 o’clock. My mom and younger brother with me.

Hope there will be more on this holy thursday. 🙂


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