Holy Week Vacation 2008

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Today is the the last working day before the holy week vacation. It’s a very early summer vacation unlike the other years that we got used to. We still don’t have any outdoor plans for the break so i guess I’ll be stuck at home for the 5 days vacation. Of course, I wouldn’t let this summer break be the dullest vacation in my history. I will take this opportunity to relax after long days of work.

I did a short list of what I am going to do this holy week vacation. Here is a preview:

  • Watch movies that I missed way back 2005 to present. 5 movies a day won’t hurt. hehe
  • Create a second version of my uncle’s e-Commerce site. I am happy with the first one but honestly I am not contented. I want to create a better one.
  • Practice my PHP coding. Although it is vacation, PHP coding doesn’t necessarily means that I am working. It already became a hobby for me and so i want to explore more about PHP and enhance my skills. hehe
  • Blog, blog and more blog. Oohhh! i can’t help it. i got addicted in blogging.
  • Play with my new digicam. Actually, it is a family owned but i call it mine because i am the keeper. *greedy mode hehe
  • Get bonded with my family. After years of study and work, i haven’t got much quality time with them so i guess this would be the greatest opportunity to do so. Who wants to play scrabble and tong-its? 🙂
  • Pray. Keeping a solid faith is the strongest foundation that i have found in my life. No matter how busy i am at work, i see to it that i never forgot to give praise and thanks.

I am a spontaneous person so I guess i would have a longer list after the vacation. Then on Monday, I will give you a summary of how my vacation went.

cheers! 😀


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