Buloy by parokya .. er by an American?

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i was reading our forums today during break time until i came across a post about an american version of buloy. the replies of “astig” caught my curiosity to watch the video. parokya ni edgar is listed in my favorite band lists and buloy is a very great song, it’s an all time favorite as what people will say.

the american asked apology first for he might not sing the song nicely. and so, the strumming of the guitar started. the rhythm of the his guitar are the same with the original. it was just like live performance of parokya. from the moment he started singing until the video ended, my eyes are wide open as my jaw fell in amazement. he sang and performed great. he got the rhythm and melody just perfectly fine. the singing was great, if you are just listening and not watching the video, you’ll only think that he is a Fil-Am. thought he was sam milby, hehe. But the strumming of the guitar is the most fantastic in the performance. it seems like he was a native filipino guitarist. Amazing! so cool.

i was left speechless out of amusement after watching the video. sigh. well, anyways here is the video that i was talking about.

Parokya ni Edgar (American Version)- Buloy


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