Day: February 20, 2008

Life Realizations

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as i was listening early today at the morningrush in rx 93.1, my attention was caught with their topic today. Finish the following sentence “I Just realized that…” was todays top 10 lists topic.

paused for awhile and gave myself time to think. what had my life become after more than 2 decades here on earth? what have i accomplished? were i able to prove something, even not to others but to myself? have i been good? or bad?

lots of things popped in my mind. reminiscing memories of both happy not so happy events in the past. recalling people who became part of my life and help developed the character i have right now.

i just realized that i am not getting any younger. it seems like as moment passes by me, life is getting shorter and shorter for me. there are a lot of things i want to do and accomplish. as i race in the career world that i have chosen for me, i feel like that i am left behind and that i am not able to catch up.

settling down is not a part of my plans right now. eventhough i feel old, it’s too early for me to head on to that way. i still got other things in my hands at the moment.

another realization that i had was how much my partner loved me. he gave up is wealthy living for a mediocre one that i have. the care, attention and love he gave to me is immeasurable and i can’t believe that there is someone like him. he has done so much for me that i don’t know how to give it back to him.

life was so challenging to me that i can’t believe that i am surviving every moment it. i just realized that i am still lucky that i am alive and living my life. a life that i am tracking freely for myself. though it is somehow hard, i love how my life is heading.

there are lots of realization that i am having every now and then. some are out of mistakes. some are from appreciation. i am thankful for the wisdom that was given to me to understand things that were happening to me.


PHPDesigner 2008: A Software Review

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internet surfing is one of my hobbies that i am most talented with. i love exploring the net and stumbling on new web pages every now then. besides discovering sites, i love downloading and trying out softwares. and because of my profession, i oftentimes search for text editors that might be very useful to me.

one of my favorite is the PHP Designer. the first version of it that i’ve tried was PHP Designer 2007 and used it for 30 days and loved the experience of coding with it.

then until recently, from our forum at, i just got the news that phpdesigner 2008 was released so i head on to to look for the available trial version. i got a copy from, downloaded and tested it of course.

PHPDesigner 2008

after minutes of exploration, here are the things i could say i like from this software:
1. on new file, it automatically adds the opening and closing php tags together with a file information comment
2. highlights the line of error, place a red mark on the line number and on highlight to the error line, it shows a tooltip of the error description.
3. shows a tooltip description of built-in function
4. auto-complete function
5. codefolding tree includes the classes, functions variables and contants, and the total number of occurences for each values.


6. xdebug is already built-in
7. has smarty variables ready
8. FTP connection can be set up fast and easy just go to Tools->FTP
9. profiler ready
10. the navigation toolbar was very organized according to ussability

guess there are still lots that i am going to like about PHP Designer 2008. i could say that my 14-days software trial is worth it. i’ll just continue my exploration next time. hope i’ve imparted good information to you. bye for now ^_^


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it’s official! i have my first ever jacket for … amm… 2 years? er, well.. so happy!

i got may grey, blacksheep jacket at Maldita store last saturday. It was a valentine’s gift from my partner.

the room temperature in our office is -5 degrees C. well, of course i’m joking but it’s really cold so i’ve been wanting a new jacket for so long but i don’t have the time and money, still have hang-over from the holidays.

anyways, this was the greatest gift i have so far for this year. so sweet.