Day: February 12, 2008

Cheat Sheets

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here are helpful cheat sheets i got from the net. ill try to look for the links where i got them to give some credits.

  1. Regular Expression
  2. PHP
  3. Javascript
  4. CSS
  5. CakePHP

CSS Navigation Menu

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i really fancy nice navigation menus. and what i like from them more is when they are created using css, so stylish. here are helpful links to learn how to create savvy menu:

  1. Free Menu Designs V 1.1
  2. Exploding Boy
  3. Listamatic
  4. CSS Play
  5. 13 Styles CSS Menu
  6. CSS Navigation Techniques

There are lots of sites but these are the easiest to understand. CSS Navigation Techniques is already a collection of links but i still included it for a being a very good reference. =)

mga kayamanan sa baul

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i’ve been doing some cleaning with my old stuffs last night. and guess what i’ve found? my old writings like essay and poems. can’t believe they’ll be preserved for a long time. the paper are like old scrolls, brown and delicate. i was an aspiring writer before. actually, i want to become a biologist, chemist or a journalist but in the i end up in the computer world. i do not resent being here where i am right now, im happy and excited on how my career has developed. anyways, talking back with my discovery, i’ll start posting them here to share. =) un lng hehe