Developer / PHP Syntax Exam from BlueShoes

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been looking for free PHP exams online so that i could test how well am i progressing in programming. i found an exam on syntax, variables and comparison. it’s was very simple and was very tricky. it’s amusing to know that the keywords and functions that i “always” used are the ones that i don’t know much about. they are just under my nose and yet i didn’t give mind studying them or paying much attention on their functionality.

lesson learned: study and familiarize yourself of the basic. usually, the problems we encountered, in coding when diligently debugged and analyzed, are just basic syntax that we usually overlooked or forgot. i guess, even though PHP manual is my friend, there are still a lot of things i don’t know much about it. hehe, well here is the link:

i took the exam on the spot and sadly i didn’t reach at least 25% of the total score (69 total) . *sigh


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